Director’s foreword

Novo Škrebić

Novo Škrebić


He was born in Teslic, where he completed his primary and secondary education. He graduated from the Faculty of Technology in Tuzla. He has been working in the chemical industry “Destilacija” Teslić from the year 1977. He worked his way up from a plant manager, head of production, technical director to the position of the factory’s director. He was appointed Director in the year 2001. He is currently the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Doboj region and a board member of the Chamber of Commerce of RS.

The stock company CI “Destilacija” Teslić was founded in the late 19th century (1896) with the main products of charcoal and acetic acid. During all the years of its existence, Destilacija has constantly striven to improve the quality of their products.

Guided by the wise saying “If you do not think about the future you might not have one”, our permanent goal was and still is the development of new products, based primarily on the fundamental ones, which resulted in the production of briquettes made of charcoal dust, and aromatized, alcohol, wine and apple cider vinegar as well as other products.

The success has been confirmed and acknowledged by many awards for performance and quality, ranging from municipal and republic to the international level of importance.

Today, Destilacija is technologically and infrastructurally fully accomplished. As far as the personnel and organization of the company is concerned, it is insured and secured with all the necessary positions filled in.

Further, Destilacija pays a lot of attention to the improvement of technological processes in terms of improvement of work conditions and the protection of working and living environment, which is best shown by the investment in the construction of new, modern horizontal furnaces for destructive distillation of wood, which represent a replacement for the ones that are outdated and dilapidated.

The strategic goal of the company is the expansion of existing production, development of new products and technologies while simultaneously taking care of the environment and international standards and regulations.