Charcoal briquette

Charcoal briquette is produced by pressing in tiny fraction of charcoal. Destilacija annually produces approximately  6,600 tons of briquette. While burning it releases extremely high temperature. It burns slowly and  without a flame.


Our briquette is of high quality and meets the requirements of European standards:

  • C-fix, min. 65%
  • Moisture, max. 8%
  • Ash, max. 15%
  • Volatile substances, max. 20%


It is used in households (grill) and in the meat industry (drying). It is especially important that starch is used as a binder instead of chemical binding agents which makes it ecologically clean and harmless to use.

It is also used as fuel for stoves, fireplaces, and all kinds of heaters, for heating in the tents, greenhouses, etc. Since it is ecologically clean and burns almost without smoke it is a perfect fit for home usage.


The main advantage of briquette is its burning time and the temperature constancy during combustion (4-5 hours), unlike the features of ordinary coal when burning (1-2 hours).

If you are using briquettes as fuel, the positive side is also its minimal impact on the environment compared to conventional solid fuel (the absence of high content of smoke, ash and other carcinogens).

Basic parameters and characteristics

  • Smoke free – the product burns without smoke both, at the time of the initial ignition and during the later burning.
  • Low ash content – permitted residual ash content is not more than 15%.
  • No odor – while burning, airborne substances are almost none-existing, which excludes the possibility of creating and spreading odor.
  • Cost Effective- Briquettes burn three times longer than coal.
  • Ecologically clean- no chemical additives and adhesives. It is particularly recommended to use this fuel in the food industry.
  • Without sparks – the fuel does not produce any sparks while burning, as do similar products, for example, wood.
  • Usage – as a solid fuel for a wide range of needs.


It is delivered in packages of 2 kg, 2,5 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg.

It is stored in closed and well-ventilated places.