Quality control

One of the most significant results in business enterprise is the quality of the products or services, and represents a collection of all characteristics of the product that relates to the ability to satisfy established or indirectly expressed needs. It was discovered that the continuous improvement of product quality is necessary for the achievement and maintenance of good and profitable business activities.

The chemical industry Destilacija has products that meet all global norms and standards. In order to maintain the standard, there is constant quality control that is used to checks whether the product meets the requirement of the relevant normative acts and requirements of customers.

These activities are carried out by highly educated professionals, in their own laboratory, using corresponding methods and on high-end measuring devices such as: Gas chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, UV and IR spectrophotometer, etc.


On the basis of the current Regulation of the European Commission, no. 1907/2006 from 18.12.2006. companies in the EU are required to register in the case of manufacturing or importing chemicals.

Charcoal, in all its variations, is considered to be a part of the chemical family.

Following European trends in terms of quality DESTILACIJA is registered within the REACH system (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances).